Book+ is an e-book reader that specializes in PDF management and high-speed viewing. Offering lots of unique functionality developed specifically for ease of management and readability. Recommended for those who wish to read PDFs on their iPad or iPhone!


PDF Viewing

  • High speed viewing over a wide range of zoom magnifications
  • Eliminates page transition effects providing “high speed page turning”
  • The text within PDFs is searchable (sort by page / rank)
  • Multiple-page display mode (a maximum of 64 pages can be viewed at once)
  • Jump directly to different pages and URLs from links within PDFs
  • Handles data from table of contents in PDFs
  • Supports viewing of password protected PDFs
  • 'Smart Focus' functionality to semi-automatically magnify sections for viewing (Detail)

PDF Management

  • Proprietary file management system (column mode / icon mode)
  • Create unlimited folder hierarchies
  • Choose from 6 folder colors
  • Folders can be password protected
  • Drag & drop folders to move them and rearrange their order
  • Search PDF files (search folders / keyword search / restrict search by date and time)
  • Smart folders can be created to store search results
  • Supports integration with storage services (only Dropbox in v1.0)
  • Supports USB transfers via iTunes and file transfers between applications
  • Inbox folder (Detail)


INBOX folder

Smart Focus

'Smart Focus' is one feature that is characteristic of Book+; it eliminates the difficulties in reading text that is arranged in columns. Whilst the PDF is being displayed, double tap and then hold and drag the desired section; this will magnify the text so that it is easier to read.


Original Filebrowser


PDF Viewing



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